The dream of
our own vineyard

Which wine lover does not dream of owning his/her own vineyard? Imagine creating an exclusive wine of the highest quality with your own label; cultivated, managed and harvested adhering to Biodynamic Principles and certified by Demeter, ensuring the utmost respect and care for the environment.

Ivan Levy, owner of the gourmet restaurant FERA in Palma, and producer of the famous bio dynamic olive oil and wine brand, Son Naava, has combined forces with Carlos Feliu (the only biodynamic farmer on the island) of the Bodega Feliu in Porreres, to create the Montesion Wine Estate.

The idea

Their idea is to create truly special demeter wines of the highest quality, for anyone who wishes to own a hectare of land in the beautiful countryside of Mallorca. The person gets to own the rights to one hectare of pristine wine growing land for a
period of 20 years at a cost of 150,000 Euros, which includes a barrel of wine for the first and second year to overcome the wait for one’s first own vintage. The Estate covers 20 Hectares of some of the best wine growing region on the island.

The climate and terrain in this area, guarantee, top-quality production.


The Winery does all the work from A-Z and the owners get to simply enjoy drinking their own label of personally curated wine.

The aquired vineyard is cultivated and planted by Montesion Wine Estate. The first vintage is harvested after the 3rd year of planting. At its peak maturity, we expect the harvest to yield up to 6,000 bottles of wine a year.

“If grapes seem ripe, it is time to
reap a crop of own experience.”
Mallorcan varieties

The customer can choose between two varie- ties of grapes authorised in Mallorca. One can choose a combination of red and white wines or then just white or red.  Alternatively, one can combine the chosen variety of grapes with other varieties grown on the same estate to create one’s own cuvee.

There is also a beautiful old farm cottage on the Estate which will be available exclusively for wine tasting, and specially curated, gourmet private lunches and dinners for the owners of the vineyards.

“To see a vineyard in your dream, represents the f ruits of your labor and your life experiences.”

The history of the Can Feliu winery dates back to the beginning of the 18th Century. It was the first winery in Porreres and is still thriving and growing to this day. Interestingly, the first wines were pressed in the cellar of the family home, which has an imposing sandstone vault.

Today, Can Feliu produces around 90,000 bottles of wine per year. The area of Porreres is abdun- dantly rich in soil, climate and water, making it among the best areas for viticulture in Mallorca

Carlos Feliu, the winemaker

Carlos Feliu is an agronomist and viticulturist, with over 20 years of experience in cultivating and producing Demeter Wines. He studied Agricultural Engineering in Lleida, Spain. He then extended his studies with a two year stint in the US, He has a Master’s Degree in Viticulture and Oenology, followed by an additional Master’s Degree in Organic Agriculture.

Do you want to have your own vineyard and create your own wine?